Deborah Garvie

Policy Manager, Shelter

About Speaker

Deborah has worked in Shelter’s Policy Team since 1998 and currently leads on homelessness legislation, the allocation and regulation of social housing, tenant participation and housing design. Having managed social housing in inner London in the 1990s, she is passionate about housing design that both ensures well-being and tackles opposition to house-building. In 2013, she published 'Little boxes, fewer homes', using polling data to show that the public are more likely to support house-building if homes are well designed with decent space standards.

Working closely with RIBA and government officials she helped  secure the first national space standards for new housing. Deborah also led Shelter’s work on the, first National Planning Policy Framework (2012), London Housing Strategy (2014) and Housing White Paper (2017).

She has authored many Shelter publications, including the Fire safety guide: for multi-occupied, privately rented housing (1999), Far from home: the housing of asylum seekers in private rented accommodation (2001), the Black and Minority Ethnic housing crisis (2004).


Housing Futures

14:45 - 15:30 20 September 2018

This day of discussion and debate will consider possible futures for social housing. The current demolition of Robin Hood Gardens, and of numerous other estates across London, prompts a number of urgent questions: is state-run social housing dead?