The Global Design Forum is the pre-eminent agenda setting event for design, staged during and organised by the London Design Festival. This year's event will be held at the Southbank Centre on the 17th of September.




The aim of the Global Design Forum is to challenge and provoke established thinking by presenting key global issues and linking these to the opportunities available to the design sector. The Forum embraces international viewpoints and proposes ways in which design can be used to improve the world.


When applied smartly, creativity can boost national and global economies. That argument has been given prominence because of the need to persuade governments and clients, particularly in times of austerity, that the creative industries can have a tangible economic impact.


But design can also change hearts and minds, transform communities and make the world a better place to live. There is much to learn from the processes that underpin good design and these can help to foster personal, national and global renewal.


In 2014 we will discuss and explore great innovations from around the world. We will invite pioneering thinkers, business leaders and design talents to propose new models for a changing world and, at every moment, scrutinize the status quo. What lessons can we learn from the past? Is it time to rewrite the rulebook? How can we empower designers to become thought leaders and influence top-line decision-making? Can design affect economic and social change, both locally and globally.


The speakers at the Global Design Forum are from the most dynamic start-ups to the world’s most successful brands; from key figures public sector figures to the most innovative design studios; pro-Am mavericks to CEOs; from social entrepreneurs to cultural pacesetters – to not just exchange ideas but to set the agenda for design’s impact on our world.


The programme will consist of keynotes and panel conversations. The aim will be to create a platform for open discussion and engage our audience, setting the global design agenda and inspiring positive new directions for the sector.


Tickets will be on sale with Eventbrite from 16 May 2014