Petra Janssen

Founder, Social Label

About Speaker

Designer Petra Janssen has been teaching at the Design Academy Eindhoven’s Man & communication department for 15 years and has her own graphic design agency Studio Boot for more then 25 years.

In 2011 she initiated a festival called ‘Huttenfestival De Vlek’ where she built a small village together with a group of desiger-friends in the City of Tilburg (The Netherlands). This led to the birth of the Social Label Foundation. In this movement designers and workshops with people who have a distance from labour market are working together to create meaningful design products. In 2017 Social Label presented an open book on designing labour that emphasises how the future will be all about working together. 



13:30 - 14:15 17 September 2018

Four pioneering ideas that are opening up design from the inside out. 1. Petra Janssen, Founder, Social Label 2. Leon Lakowski, industrial designer and creator of ALL IN 3. Kara Pecknold, Creative Director, Collective Action Toolkit 4. Chair: Grace Gould, Founder, School of Digital Age