Lucy Hardcastle

Director, Lucy Hardcastle Studio

About Speaker

Lucy Hardcastle is an interdisciplinary designer and digital artist. Her work focuses on tactility, visual illusions and sensual aesthetics through digital rendered pieces, sculpture, set design and moving image. Her pieces highlight tensions between physical and virtual worlds and experiences, and aims to reconnect users and viewers with the material world through symbolism and metaphor. Her current projects focus on bridging the highly digital and physical aspects of her practice to produce immersive experiential pieces. 

Recently graduated from Information Experience Design at the RCA, Lucy works freelance as a visual artist and creative director. She lives and works in London. 


Sensory Design

13:30 - 14:15 19 September 2018

How can designers create subconscious comfort and immersive experiences by focusing on the aspects of design that cannot be seen and designing for all senses? Three leading innovators in the diverse fields of culinary art, new musical formats and sensual aesthetics explore the possibilities.