Leon Lakowski

Industrial Designer and Creator of All In

About Speaker

Leon Laskowski is a Berlin- based Industrial Designer with training at the Weissensee Academy of Arts and Design (Berlin) and ecal (Lausanne). Since finishing his studies in 2017 he received several awards for his bachelor thesis "All In".

As a scholar of the DesignFarmBerlin, a program focussed on supporting young DesignInTech ventures, he is currently working on establishing a Design Studio centered on Material Research & Development in the fields of furniture, product and lighting design."

Leon Laskowski illustrates how existing systems of industrial mass production can be rethought and the complex logistic chains of global commodity flows be radically shortened with the help of the innovation potential of additive manufacturing. The world’s first, laser- sintered task light ALL IN, emerges already assembled from the printer, which in turn could stand anywhere in the world and save transport routes through local production. A single digital file replaces expensive industrial tooling, extensive assembly lines or costly storage. Formerly dozens of individual components of various origins, materials and coatings are being replaced by a newly conceived product, made almost entirely from one material, in one place, in one operation and on one machine.



13:30 - 14:15 17 September 2018

Four pioneering ideas that are opening up design from the inside out. 1. Petra Janssen, Founder, Social Label 2. Leon Lakowski, industrial designer and creator of ALL IN 3. Kara Pecknold, Creative Director, Collective Action Toolkit 4. Chair: Grace Gould, Founder, School of Digital Age