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Kniterate - A New Normal

13 Sep 2017



Featuring Kniterate, A New Normal is the upcoming exhibition at Machines Room during LDF, which asks how could products be made in a world beyond mass-production? All participants are pioneering new ways of making today; establishing a ‘new normal’ where manufacturing is redistributed and mass means ‘by the masses’ not en-masse.

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One of these contributors is Kniterate, a desktop digital knitting machine that brings fashion fabrication into small workshops. It allows designers, artists, illustrators and makers to automatically create custom knitted products and share their work across its platform. Kniterate predicts a world of completely personalised garments which will be embedded in daily life. The machine aims to recover artisanship in fashion manufacturing while bringing modernity to its users. Kniterate was enabled by the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and Machines Room’s Maker in Residence programme.

Visit the exhibition to learn more about how Kniterate works:

Discover the full exhibition program for A New Normal here:

Distributed Everything
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Machines Room is a vibrant community of East London designers, architects, artists and engineers, with Fab Lab facilities for laser & vinyl cutting, 3D printing and CNC machines. Incubating artists, makers and micro businesses with a positive social or environmental aspect, they also welcome experimental and disruptive models that change the how, where, and who of manufacturing in the city.

Distributed Everything is a research group born out of Design Products at the RCA that investigates, explores and challenges new modes of production and consumption for a sustainable economy. It explores production and design in the age of the Anthropocene and digital ubiquity. The group is anchored in networks, production, distribution and the future of supply and demand. It is a lab that explores the role of technology in meeting global challenges and collaboratively develops solutions for sustainable solutions, cultures and practices. The group builds on the EPSRC funded Future Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacturing Network that includes universities, researchers and a broad spectrum of businesses that are working in the digital manufacturing industrial revolution and in the transition towards a circular economy.

Andrew Sleigh is an independent curator and producer. Interested in making and grassroots innovation, from the maker movement, through craft and DIY culture, to manufacturing.

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